Commercial Law

The establishment of Turkish and foreign capital companies and accordingly the preparation of shareholders’ agreements in every field and the provision of legal consultancy services to such companies constitute one of the main practice areas of Societas.

Societas provides legal advice to clients on related commercial matters, formation on local and foreign companies and branches, drafting articles of association (AoA), Drafting privileged rights contracts, and management contracts for domestic and foreign capitalized companies, proceeding ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies, capital increase or decrease transactions, divestitures and change of type procedures, preparations of the Due Diligence reports.

One of the efficient practice areas of Societas is  Joint-Venture agreements which is engaged in activities internationally. In addition Societas has diligent works in terms of implementing commercial agreements such as share transfer, franchising, leasing, agency and distributorship agreements.

Societas has efficient projects in preparing agreements governed by Maritime Commercial Law and in settling disputes arising from such agreements at national and international levels.

Societas follows the recent developments in competition law, which is important for commercial companies operating in a free market economy based upon competition  within the framework of its activities in this area. Societas provides the legal support to its clients with respect to the notifications which take place particularly in merger and acquisition operations.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The main practice area of Societas is the mergers and acquisitions. Projects are conducted together with our Clients at every stage of mergers and acquisitions which deal with the acquisition, sale and merger of companies in related with the corporate strategy, financing and corporate management and accordingly which provide returns such as the provision of financing to a company developing in the relevant industry branch.

Societas provides the necessary legal assistance to its clients in terms of management of the risks and the merger and acquisition process is considered as a whole together with all its aspects and dimensions.

Societas draws up due diligence reports in compliance with the specific requirements of the clients arising in each and every project and renders services in respect of the preparation of shareholders’s agreements and negotiation of share purchase agreements (SPA).

Competiton Law

Societas provides clients in wide range industries with the antitrust counseling they need. Societas advises clients on a day-to-day basis concerning business transactions that almost always contain antitrust law issues, including distributorship, licensing, franchising, toll manufacturing, etc. EU and/or Turkish competition law advice is also given in the form most convenient to our clients.

Societas has extensive experience in defending companies before the Competition Board in all phases of an antitrust investigation. With depth knowledge of representing defendants and complainants in complex antitrust investigations concerning all forms of abuse of dominant position allegations and all other forms of restrictive horizontal and vertical arrangements, including price-fixing, resale price maintenance, refusal to supply, territorial restrictions and concerted practice allegations.

Societas has considerable expertise in administrative law, and is therefore well equipped to represent clients before the High State Council, both on the merits of a case, and for injunctive relief.

Societas represents clients in civil courts with respect to compensation claims arising out of antitrust allegations.

Energy Law

Societas provides consultancy regarding renewable energy sources such as power generation plants, solar and wind, oil and natural gas distribution and financing sources thereof.

In this context, Societas provides applications before the EMRA and other administrative authorities, carrying out all necessary procedures to obtain generation, transmission, distribution, and wholesale licenses, developing financing alternatives and entering into such particular negotiations.

Tax Law

Societas grants support on the tax needs of the clients by providing a practical, innovative and businesslike approach in line with the requirements of the clients regarding all and any kind of Income Tax, Corporate Tax, VAT and all other taxes and when necessary.

Societas represents the clients in the administrative phase or in the courts for the settlement of the tax disputes.

Furthermore, Societas brings forward tax models and offers personalized solutions to clients by taking full advantage of all legal possibilities and incentives including tax agreements, investments and taxes.

Labour Law

Societas provides consultancy services on resolving disputes arising from individual and collective labour law, providing legal assistance on labour law, drafting white & blue collar workers’ employment contracts, drafting regulatory statutes, non-competition and confidentiality agreements, compliance to Turkish Legislation, management advising for termination of the labour contracts, actions related to labour law disputes.

In addition to the consultancy services, Societas also handles all types of employment law related disputes in connection with labor law litigations before Turkish courts, e.g. re-employment lawsuits, termination compensation claims, severance premium and overtime payment claims, liability for workplace accidents.

Intellectual Property Law

Societas  provides consultancy services on resolving disputes arising from copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs and utility models, pursuing cancellation, invalidity, compensation and unfair competition cases arising from intellectual and industrial property rights.

Societas also represents its clients and provides legal assistance on drafting license contracts, transfer agreements, know-how contracts, sponsorship and advertisement contracts, production contracts, acting contracts, management contracts and other similar contracts thereof.

Real Estate Law

Societas  provides legal assistance on protecting rights of the parties in real estate projects, sales agreements, drafting construction contracts and financing the real estate projects related to the areas under urban renewal and 2B areas.

In addition to services mentioned above, Societas  also provides consultancy services on drafting tenancy contracts, establishment of incorporal rights and deed transactions.


With the introduction of Mediation Code in 2013, Mediation became the second ADR method supported by a legislative body in Turkey.

Societas  provides comprehensive private mediation services to help resolve conflicts efficiently and cost effectively.

Societas  encourages clients to pursue Mediation (and other alternative-dispute resolution methods), when it is beneficial and superlative to their interests in pursuing the best outcome for the dispute.